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Domain Catering is a top rated catering company specialised in the production and delivery of quality catering services and foods in the Perth region. We are very different to many other business in the same industry that only employ ‘kitchen hands’ to operate their kitchens. Our award winning chef Owner Rob Endebrock-Brown, supervises the day to day operation of our kitchen personally and closely. None of our exquisite food creations leaves the kitchen without his personal touch and ‘tick of approval’.

And it is this attention to detail that has seen our catering company grow from strength to strength over the years. Today Domain Catering is rated by it’s customers as one of Perth’s best catering services provider. We are able to cater for almost any occasion including but not limited to formal sit down occasions, cocktail parties, buffets, light lunches, working breakfasts, morning and afternoon teas. Our specialised team is able to take care of the entire process for you, so you can focus on what matters the most, your guests.

We invite you to read on to discover what makes our catering company unique and how we can make your next event a memorable one for all the right reasons.

What makes “The Best Catering Services” the best?

What to look for when choosing a catering company for your next event

With so many different catering companies out there it can be quite difficult to know which ones will be able to deliver on the results you expect. This is especially true for individuals looking at booking a catering company for the first time. So the question then stands: “What actually makes the best catering services the best?”.

Firstly and most importantly a catering company most produce quality food. In order to achieve this, each individual item must be crafted with care and utilising only local fresh produce and quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers. In addition to this, the food provided must have a touch or originality and great flavour of course.

Secondly, your catering company must be reliable and always on time. You should partner up with a like-minded business you can trust which also values the interests of your guests as much as you do. Lots of time and effort goes into planning your event. So why take any risks by not getting the right type of professionals to take care of the food?

Finally, the company you choose to take care of your catering services must have a proven track record in customer service excellence. Without doubt food tastes better when delivered with fantastic customer service and a big smile.

At Domain Catering we are committed to delivering nothing but the highest standards in the industry, from food preparation all the way through to delivery and execution. This 360 approach is what sets us apart from other catering businesses. 

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When nothing less than the best catering services will do

Local Perth catering services to impress your guests and help you create memorable experiences

At Domain Catering we really take things to the next level by delivering only extraordinary food creations, carefully crafted by the expert hand of our award winning chef Rob Endebrock-Brown. If compromising on flavour, originality, quality or presentation is not an option, Domain Catering is the perfect option for your next catering event. If you searched for the “best catering services” in Perth, then you have come to the right place. Our expertise extends to a number of different event types and settings. Our specialised team is able to take care of everything for you so you don’t have to move a finger and can concentrate on your guests instead.

Below are some examples of the most common types of events and settings we are famous for providing the best catering services for:

Corporate Catering Services

We can provide a number of different catering services for your next corporate event. Whether it is a work function, business meeting or presentation we got you covered.

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Funeral Catering Services

We understand the importance of remembering a loved one. We know how stressful, difficult and emotional the situation can be given a short time frame. Avoid the mess, avoid the stress. 

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Wedding Catering Services

We understand the importance of your special day and that’s why we’re here to make it as memorable as possible. Weddings involve a significant amount of planning and that’s why we make the catering process simple for you.

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Special Event Catering Services

We can cater amazing food for any kind of special events. From birthday parties to baby showers, graduation parties and everything in between.

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Buffet Catering Services

These are some of our most popular services. Our buffet catering services feature great food and extraordinary flavours to impress your guests.

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Finger Food Catering Services

Finger food catering services are perfect for a number of different occasions, formal and informal. You can see our finger food menus here.

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Morning & Afternoon Tea Catering Services

We have delicious morning and afternoon tea options available  for your next event. Please check out our menu here.

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Catering Services Prices

To learn more about the prices of our catering services and different menu options click on the button below.

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